6 Things You Know To Be True If You Grew Up With A Father In EMS And/Or Firefighting

He will always be your hero

Keighla Lyons



You had a lot of “Uncles”

Your dad always saw his fellow colleagues as his brothers and would tell you they were your uncle and they all took that job seriously, always protecting you and taking care of you if you needed anything.

Getting a personal tour of the ambulances, firetrucks, and police cars was the coolest thing ever

When I was a kid, I would always brag to all of my friends about how awesome it is to turn on the lights and siren.

If you were out with your dad when a call came in, you had to come to the call too

Which was actually fun, but it was also boring waiting in the car.

He was always very protective

Not just in the normal dad way, he always told you about the dangers while driving or going out because he had seen some of the worst car accidents first hand.

Your dad has always been your hero

Every girl says their dad is their hero, but this is different. Your dad isn’t your hero only because of what he does for you, but because he also does everything for people he doesn’t know, it’s that much better.

You’ve probably found yourself in EMS and/or firefighting yourself now

You couldn’t imagine a career that doesn’t involve helping other people. If you aren’t doing something that involves helping others, then you feel as though you aren’t living up to what you were born for.

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