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Flow and Vent was founded by a couple firefighters who believed that there is more to the fire service than just being a t-shirt fireman. It is a page dedicated to providing some tricks to the firefighting trade. We are going to provide you with drills, methods, and insights on things that we have found effective in performing the job. Our administration is made of a breed of young firefighters, raging from all walks of life and completely different departments. However, we have one thing in common, we love the job.



Turnout Gear and Radio Straps

Wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) and turnout gear properly is a fundamental skill that is often overlooked in many fire ...
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Auto Extrication: School Bus Anatomy

School Buses exist throughout every community in the United States and even more I suburban areas where students use the ...
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Impalement Training

Last year, I had the opportunity to present a training on impalements and removal incidents. I had the opportunity to ...
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Radio Straps Part 2

It’s been about two years since we published our article about radio straps and turnout gear. It has been shared ...
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The On Scene Size Up

Size up begins after a call is dispatched. On the ride to the scene, all members should start to think ...
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Bumper Lines

As the fire service keeps evolving so do the tactics of company operations. Depending on the department and the respective ...
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Tanker Operations

Establishing a water supply is one of the most important components in any successful firefighting operation. Without a stable water ...
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Firefighter Fitness

As firefighters, how do we take care and prepare ourselves to operate efficiently? We are all constantly working towards bettering ...
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