Cleveland, Ohio firefighters union takes action over broken ladder truck

CLEVELAND, OHIO — The Cleveland firefighters union says it plans to ask the Ohio Attorney General to step in and force the city to stop using a ladder truck with a ladder that won’t raise.

Earlier this month, the FOX 8 I-Team revealed the truck responding to calls on the near west side. And the union says the truck has been pressed into service again on the near east side.

Union President Tim Corcoran says the ladder truck is a spare, but it would be no help during a fire at a high-rise since its key piece of equipment, the big ladder, doesn’t work.

Corcoran says the union has filed many grievances calling the equipment a danger. But now, the union is going to file a request hoping the Attorney General forces the city to stop using the truck.

The city even recently put out an internal memo on the use of the “non-functioning” truck.

We called the fire department for a response, and a spokesman said he’d look into this. However, we have not heard back.

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