Manhattan: Fire on 10th Floor, People Trapped

Bill Carey

Fire at 255 West 127th Street



FDNY Response Video: Manhattan 10-75 Box 1495, Fire on the 10th floor with people trapped; Box loaded up.

Fire Location: 255 West 127th St Fire in a 14 story High Rise Box Loaded Up, Reports of People trapped on the 10th floor

B-16 10-77

B-16 1 10-45 No Code

E-59,69,80,35 E-58(Nozzle) E-47(C.F.R.D)
L-30,40,14(Fast) L-26,23,17(Vent)
R-3 Sq-41
Rac-1 RB,SB FC,FCB Tac-1 CTU

B-16 we need EMS

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