November 16, 2017

Miami Valley Fire & EMS Conference 2018

Miami Valley Fire & EMS Conference featuring 3 days packed with excellent speakers in both the fields of firefighting and EMS


0700-0900 – Registration

0900-1000 – Building The Business of “U”

Uniquely blending over 30 years of combined military, public safety, sales and networking experience into heart felt presentations that genuinely help you succeed.   Brian uses his experience with networking, communicating, connecting, sales and most of all service to help you Build the Business of “”U”.

How do you handle problems? Do you learn from them? How are going to deal with them?  Stop failing backward and start failing forward!

Connecting with others is the single most important thing you’ll ever learn. It’s no secret!  We’ll teach you how connecting effectively is a skill you can learn and apply in your personal and professional relationships.

Instructor: Brian Benedict – Richmond, Indiana Fire Department – Retired

Following generations of veterans & public service, Brian entered the US Army in 1986, two days after graduating high school. Beginning in Fort Jackson with basic training and continuing at Ft Bragg North Carolina as a cable dog 36C.  After reenlisting he was sent to Karlsruhe Germany where he assisted a team of Battalion S-3 guru’s with coordinating field exercises and communications before and during Operation Desert Storm.   It was both challenging and rewarding.  He transitioned out of the service and into the civilian world, leaving the Army as a E-5 Sergeant with unbelievable experiences and education.

After leaving the military he quickly moved into sales and customer service with Cellular One in Dayton Ohio where he assisted others with this new gadget called mobile phones.  Improving his personal development, Brian learned how to communicate to connect by improving his ability to handle objections, building relationships and growing a personal and professional network.  Brian excelled from Technician to Account Executive and was later promoted to Customer Service Manager where he became highly proficient with the art of the win-win.

In 1996 he took his purpose to the next level and became a firefighter with the Richmond Fire Department in Richmond Indiana.  Working in positions such as Firefighter, Engineer, Lieutenant, Inspector, Investigator, Battalion Chief, Deputy Chief of Fire Prevention and Pension Secretary he was introduced to priceless experiences and learning opportunities.  For a few years during his career he also worked part time with Key Fire Investigations in Greenwood Indiana where he investigated the origin & cause as a private fire investigator.

After a successful twenty year career, he left in 2016 to continue his passion of helping those who help others.  For over a decade Brian has worked part time as a Department Representative with Police and Firemen’s Insurance Association.  A not for profit fraternal benefit society that’s only priority for over 100 years has been to protect police, fire and family with fraternal benefits and insurance products.  He excelled into the position of Midwest Manager and continues to help police officers, firefighters and family throughout the united states.

In a continuing effort for personal growth, Brian became a Certified John Maxwell Leadership Speaker, Trainer and Coach in March 2017.

1000-1200 – TBA

1200-1300 – Lunch

1300-1700 – Hoarder Homes: Piles of Hazards for Firefighters 

Fighting fires in hoarded homes is rapidly becoming a familiar occurrence in today’s fire service. While the mission is still the same, the tactics used when fighting these fires need to change to make for a safer environment. This presentation will put you in the first due unit arriving at a reported structure fire inside a Hoarded home. From hoarder recognition to salvage and overhaul students will be exposed to the different thought process used while fighting fires in hoarded homes. “Hoarder Homes: Piles of hazards for firefighters” will return you to quarters with the knowledge and tools to come home safe!

The intent of this presentation is to expose the students to the ins and outs of fighting a structural fire inside a house with a hoarder type conditions. Multiple variables will complicate the use of normal tactics when faced with areas that are no longer able to be used for their intended purpose. The learning objectives will be to identify factors such as hoarder front yards, tactical changes used while fighting these types of fires, and overhaul techniques used on massive amounts of belongings. This program hopes to introduce new ways of thinking when engaged in fire operations inside hoarded homes.The target audience of this program is from the chief level to the street level firefighter. Knowing your stuff when faced with a hoarder fire is valuable to everyone on the department. During the program all aspects of a hoarder response will be covered. The knowledge gained can benefit everyone who attends, no matter what rank or level.

Instructor: Lt Ryan Pennington – Charleston, West Virgina Fire Department

Ryan Pennington is an authority on heavy content firefighting (hoarder firefighting). He has more than 22 years in the fire service and is a Lieutenant /paramedic in Charleston, West Virginia. He has lectured on and trained thousands of firefighters in the United States and internationally. Ryan blogs at and podcasts at Jumpseat Radio.




0700-0900 – Registration

0900-1000 – TBA

1000-1100 – Developmental Disabilities and EMS – Mandy Via RN/Paramedic – Careflight Air and Mobile Outreach Manager

1100-1200 – Air Medical Transport – Mandy Via RN/Paramedic – Careflight Air and Mobile Outreach Manager

1200-1300 – Lunch

1300-1700 – We Win with Water

This program is designed for anyone from command staff to a line firefighter. The class will cover essential aspects of Engine Company Operations, such as size-up, job assignments, and managing the initial attack line. Additional topics to be discussed are overcoming difficult stretches, using the reach of your stream inside structures, and options for limited manpower situations. The class will cover drills which can be used to become proficient in engine company operations.

Course objective: The students shall be exposed to aspects of “go” and “no-go” situations. During “go” situations, students will be given critical knowledge of what it takes to win the fight. Starting with positioning of the apparatus, size-up, and line selection. A special emphasis will be placed on the pace of the attack, water flow while advancing, and using the reach of your stream inside the structure. Additionally, overcoming difficult stretches and dealing with knee wall fires will be discussed. The fire service continues to have close calls and LODD’S due to rapid fire growth. Within the modern fire environment we must throw more water than BTU’S being produced. Whether it’s interior or a transitional attack, bottom line….WATER WINS!!

Target audience: Anyone in the fire service who functions on an engine company, from command staff to the rookie.

Instructor: Lt. Steve Robertson – Columbus, Ohio Fire Department

Steve Robertson began his fire service career in 1988 as a volunteer firefighter. He became a full-time firefighter in 1989. In 1993, he began his career with the Columbus (OH) Division of Fire and was assigned to Ladder Co. 1; he then served a year on Squad 23 before being assigned to Engine Co. 2. He was promoted to lieutenant in 2002. He is currently assigned to Engine Co. 18 in South Linden.




0700-0900 – Registration

0900-1600 – Enlightened Leadership

The volunteer service has undergone tremendous change over the past twenty years. Has your department grown and evolved with the times, or is it falling behind? The Enlightened Volunteer takes an in depth look at these issues and discusses ways to address, plan, and implement positive changes at your department. The class structure consists of limited lecture, problem-solving scenarios that your department faces, small group activities, and a deep review of your own leadership styles and contributions. If you’re currently serving as an officer or a member of a volunteer department and you value integrity, leadership, & education, this is a must take class at this year’s conference.

Instructor: Matt Beakas – Middleton Township, Ohio Fire & Rescue

Matt Beakas is a volunteer firefighter with Middleton Township in Wood County, Ohio. His mission is to bring mentoring skills from his education background to improve volunteer departments across the country.





1200-1300 – Lunch

Conference will be at Atrium Medical Center in Middletown, Ohio

Lunch will be provided all 3 days of the conference

CEUs will be provided

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