New York area firefighter, victim of racist threat and arson, gets free vacation

By Nick Canedo |

A Buffalo-area firefighter who was the victim of a racist threat before his apartment was damaged by arson has received a free vacation—with all expenses paid by fellow firefighters.

Ken Walker was the victim of arson after receiving a racist letter that told him to resign as a firefighter.

Firefighters were called last week Wednesday to the North Tonawanda home of Kenneth Walker, 28. Walker lives at the apartment with his wife and two children. They were not injured, but the family lost “everything” including two cats in the fire. The day before the fire, Walker showed Buffalo media an anonymous letter he said was left in his mailbox on Monday. It told him to resign because he’s black, “or you will regret it.”

Matthew Jurado, 39, confessed to torching the apartment, though he claims he didn’t write the letter.

Since the fire, people have donated tens of thousands of dollars to help the Walker family. According to the GoFundMe Page, the family has nearly $150,000 in everything from furniture to food.

Additionally, firefighters in Los Angeles and San Francisco are paying for Walker and his family to have a week-long vacation in Venice Beach California,WBKW reports.

“Three thousand miles away, the brotherhood is still strong,” President of Gratwick Hose Fire Company Bob Brennan told WBKW.

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