New York community comes together and helps first responders


LOCKPORT, N.Y. (WIVB) — A lot of people had to evacuate their homes in Lockport on Wednesday night. Smoke filled the sky, and flames threatened other buildings. But even in all this chaos, the people of Lockport came together to help each other.

With her cell phone, Kitty Fogle captured people stepping up to the plate and physically helping first responders with their hoses last night.

Fogle said, “I was so proud of them I wanted to cry, it was really touching, and all of these people helping the volunteers with these hoses, it just made you feel good that everyone joined together and forgot their problems and worked for everyone.”

Fogle had to be evacuated from her Bacon Street home, and despite the hardship of being evacuated, she says what she witnessed is truly remarkable.

“A whole bunch of other guys jumped in and started taking control and helping and they were appreciative the volunteers were really appreciative, it was something.”

Through the night and into the day, people have been flooding police, fire, and EMS workers with food, water, and gratitude.

Carissa King who lives on Windsor Street talked about when the fire first started, she said, “So I went outside with my daughter, and I was told I should probably leave the area, so that’s what I did.”

King said she has not been home in roughly 12 hours. “I haven’t really slept, as you can see, I am in my pajamas.”

King was told she couldn’t go back to her home on Thursday morning, so she came back with coffee and donuts for the responders blocking the road to her home.

“I know Lockport sometimes has a bad rep for things, it really is a community of helpers and people are taking other people in, It’s really great… It really is great. ”

Fogle said, “That’s how we do it, it’s just expected kind of, when something happens we all join in and help, we put our differences aside and do what’s right.”

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