Tear-jerking tribute written by London firefighters on a T-shirt to victims of the blaze

By Sam Christie – The Sun

Hundreds of emergency services workers battled the deadly 24-storey high-rise blaze in west London.

Hundreds of emergency services workers battled the deadly 24-storey high-rise blaze in west London.

Written on red London Fire Brigade t-shirts, the poignant tributes have been left amongst the ever growing shrines of flowers, soft toys, candles, religious figures and cards.

One from Red Watch G27 North Kensington, pinned to the floor by candles, simply and emotionally said: “20th floor, we tried… we’re sorry.”
While another from G34 Chelsea, which has had messages of thanks and “heroes” added alongside, said: “Our hearts go out to everyone touched by this tragedy.

“We did our best I promise.”

At least 79 people have died with many more missing.

Hundreds of survivors who fled the inferno in the Kensington tower have been left homeless.

Other tributes have been left by G35 Fulham and Red Watch Hillingdon, as well as one by H27 Battersea, which said: “RIP Grenfell.

“Always here for you. We did everything we could.”
Another garment from Tooting Red Watch added: “To the community of Grenfell Tower, our thoughts, prayers and hearts are with you all.
“We will never forget.”

Another hero firefighter their hardwork “not being enough”.

A handwritten message read: “We’ve never worked harder. We gave everything. Sorry it wasn’t enough”.

The tear-jerking message has been signed off by “firefighters x”.

Yellow ribbons tied to railings, around tributes, posts and pillars, have also been recently added to the area around the tower, as the community grieves for those who have been lost.

More than 500 emergency service crew members – including around 300 firefighters – were scrambled to the scene after blaze took hold during the early hours of June 14.

Brave firefighters battled through the night to put the flames out after the tower became a burning inferno.

Frantic residents trapped inside the burning building jumped from windows in a bid to escape.

Others threw their children to safety as they desperately tried to avoid being burnt alive.

Fire crews are now undergoing a “painstaking search” with police to identify victims and hunt for clues.

Detective Superintendent Fiona McCormack said today the blaze started in a faulty fridge, and that the insulation and cladding tiles on the block have failed safety tests.
The force said they will be considering manslaughter charges as part of the investigation into the disaster.

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