Board of Directors

Nick Magoteaux

National Chapter Co-Executive Director & President

Nick has been a servant in public safety his entire adult life. He is a former firefighter & officer for several southwest Ohio fire departments. Currently he is the business development & military contract manager for Gear Wash. Nick is very active with Brothers Helping Brothers and oversees the day to day operations of the nonprofit. Like all other members of the board, Nick volunteers his time to Brothers Helping Brothers and receives no compensation for his work.

Ben Carsner

National Chapter Co-Executive Director & Vice President

Ben formerly worked as a firefighter/AEMT with the City of Union, Ohio Fire Department and has 15 years of public safety experience. Ben now works for the United States Air Force as an accountant.

Justin Saunders

National Chapter Secretary

Justin currently works as the Fire Chief with Phillipsburg, Ohio Fire Department and a firefighter/EMT with Harrison Township Fire Department in Montgomery County, Ohio. Justin has been in public safety for over 15 years.

Jeff White

National Chapter Treasurer

Jeff is currently a volunteer lieutenant firefighter with the City of West Milton, Ohio Fire Department. He is also the co-owner of Timeless Tacos food truck.

Andrew Mitakides

National Chapter Director at Large

Andrew is a jack of all trades, from being an actor, golf professional, and firefighter, Andrew has done a little bit of everything. Andrew served as a Firefighter/EMT with Wayne Township Fire Department near Waynesville, Ohio and is the host of Gem City Tonight, Dayton's only late night TV show.