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Approximate Dollar Amount of Equipment Given to Date

Pitsburg, Ohio

Pitsburg Fire Department

The Pitsburg Fire Department is a small rural community covering the village of Pitsburg, all of Monroe Township, and roughly one quarter of Franklin Township in Southeast Darke County. They cover approximately 28 square miles and a population of approximately 2,100. We are proud to upgrade and replace all their fire boots (13) and helmets (15) which were out of date according to NFPA standards.

Approximately $10,400 worth of equipment

Winona, Ohio

Winona Fire Department

The Winona Fire Department, in Columbiana County, Ohio, responds to a 33 square mile rural community of about 4,700 with some seasonal increases in population.  The area is residential and agricultural with many small businesses. The response area covers portions of two local school districts and includes Kent State University – Salem Campus, and Allegheny Wesleyan College. We are proud to present them a used EMS cot and fastening system donated to BHB by Reading, Ohio Fire Department.

Approximately $4,000 worth of equipment

Smithers, West Virginia

Smithers Fire Department

The Smithers Fire Department is located in Smithers, West Virginia. Located along the Kanawha river, south of the capital, Charleston. Smithers Fire Department serves approximately a population of 1,100 people and works very closely with Montgomery, West Virginia. We are proud to present them a used EMS cot donated to BHB by Ohio Medical Transport.

A $3,000 piece of equipment

Columbus, Ohio

Columbus Zoo & Aquarium EMS

The Columbus Zoo EMS is a state recognized, non-transporting EMS agency.  They provide advanced medical care to the staff and guest at both the Columbus Zoo and Zoombezi Bay water park. We are proud to present them a used EMS cot donated to BHB by Ohio Medical Transport.

A $3,000 piece of equipment

Witt, Illinois

Witt Volunteer Fire Department

The Witt Volunteer Fire Department serves the city of Witt with a population of 3,250 and 142 square miles. They operate with 29 volunteers and a $24,000 budget. We are proud to upgrade their equipment by granting 5 Firefighting Helmets, 5 Firefighting Boots, and 5 Firefighting gloves.

Over $2,300 worth of equipment

Vicco, Kentucky

Vicco-Sassafras Volunteer Fire Department

The Vicco-Sassafras Volunteer Fire Department serves the city of Vicco while covering Knotty, Perry and Letcher Counties in Kentucky. They serve a population of 8,000 and 25 square miles. They operate with 18 volunteers and a $30,000 budget. We are proud to upgrade their equipment by granting 8 Handheld Rescue Tools, 3 Axes and Halligans, 8 Personal Escape Bags, and 8 Rescue Strap Kits.

Over $2,500 worth of equipment

Winslow, Arkansas

Boston Mountain Fire Department

Boston Mountain is an extremely rural community in Northwest Arkansas. Serving a total population of 6,000 residents, Boston Mountain cover a total of 220 square miles. They operate with a budget of $90,000 and 18 volunteers. We are proud to upgrade their current equipment by granting 12 Firefighter Flashlights, 12 Firefighting Hood, and 12 Firefighting Gloves.

Over $4,400 worth of equipment

Bellville, Texas

Austin County EMS

Austin County EMS is the Sole 911 Provider to the citizens of Austin County and the visitors within. They cover all 663 square miles of Austin County and deliver top-quality Patient Care with Professionalism, Compassion and Dedication. They received a used EMS cot donated to BHB by Dayton Children’s Hospital.

A $3,000 piece of equipment

Phillipsburg, Ohio

Phillipsburg Fire Department

Located in Southwest Ohio, Phillipsburg is a town of approximately 500 people. Phillipsburg Fire Department is where Brothers Helping Brothers started. Phillipsburg Fire Department received 25 new helmets which replaces all their helmets that have been out of date by NFPA standards.

Over $8,000 worth of equipment

Hillsboro, Indiana

Hillsboro Volunteer Fire Department

Located near near the Indiana, Illinois Border off of I-74, Hillsboro VFD is a small department that provides coverage to the town of Hillsboro and Cain Township. Operating with less than $20,000 a year and 22 volunteers, Hillsboro VFD makes due with what they can afford. Hillsboro VFD’s newest engine was purchased in 1990. We are proud to help support Hillsboro VFD by upgrading there Thermal Imaging Camera which replaces a camera over a decade old.

Over $6,000 piece of equipment

Pilgrim, Kentucky

Pigeon Roost Volunteer Fire Department

Located in Eastern Kentucky in the heart of coal country of Kentucky, Pigeon Roost VFD is a small department that provides coverage to approximately 75 square miles of territory. Operating with less than $25,000 a year and 26 volunteers, Pigeon Roost VFD makes due with what they can afford. We are proud to help support Pigeon Roost VFD by adding 6 used Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) with spare cylinders, 1 used Rapid Intervention Team SCBA pack, and 1 Positive Pressure Ventilation Fan to their department’s inventory. This will replace 2 older SCBAs and allow more firefighters to have SCBAs during fire attack.

Over $14,000 worth of equipment

Adrian, Pennsylvania

Washington Township Volunteer Fire Department

Washington Township is a small rural VFD. Their operating budget comes from fish drys, gun bash , grocery raffle. And donations. Their current SCBA are survivair, which was handed down to us, when the power station, in the jurisdiction was closed down. The funds they had set back to update equipment had to be put into their engine, due to an accident. Washington Township received 11 used MSA SCBA units with 29 used cylinders!

Over $13,000 worth of equipment

Chapmanville, West Virginia

Chapmanville Volunteer Fire Department

Chapmanville, West Virginia is a in the heart of coal country. Chapmanville has 30 all volunteer firefighters and covers a population 10,500 in 95 square miles. Chapmanville will be receiving a new Task Force Tips Blitz Fire Ground Monitor and three Fire Falcon Hooks. This piece of equipment allows the firefighter to direct large amounts of water on a structure fire away from the engine and can utilized with one firefighter.

Over $5,500 worth of equipment

Lasker, North Carolina

Lasker Volunteer Fire Department

Lasker, North Carolina is a mostly agricultural community in one of the poorest counties in North Carolina. Lasker has 22 all volunteer firefighters and covers a population 1,500 in 6 square miles. Lasker recieved one haligan bar, two axes, and two cordless reciprocating saws.

$1,000 worth of equipment

Madison Township, Clark County, Ohio

Madison Township Fire Department

Madison Township received 1200 feet of used 5 inch large diameter supply hose. Madison Township is a farming and manufacturing community, that covers 40 square miles around South Charleston, Ohio. They run 620 calls per year with a staff of 20 volunteers.

Over $7,500 worth of equipment

Selma, Indiana - Liberty Township Fire Department

Liberty Township Fire Department Serves the residents in the Town of Selma, Liberty Township, and parts of Perry Township in Indiana. They have a 26 member department of all non-paid volunteers. Liberty Township received 5 used MSA Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) brackets, 12 used MSA air cylinders, and 4 used MSA SCBA Masks. This equipment was donated to Brothers Helping Brothers by the Pleasant Hill Fire Department in Miami County, Ohio.


Over $4,500 worth of equipment

Gasper Township, Ohio - Gasper Township Fire Department

Gasper Township is a rural community located in Preble County, Ohio. Mostly a farming community, Gasper Township Fire Department had a need for a grain bin rescue system. This grain bin rescue system not only helps Gasper Township, but is only the second grain bin rescue equipment in the county. Funded by Brothers Helping Brothers and the Preble County Farm Bureau.

Over $2,000 worth of equipment

Middle Township, New Jersey - Goshen Volunteer Fire Company

The Goshen Volunteer Fire Company is a small rural fire company located in Cape May County, New Jersey. They respond to everything from structure fires, EMS assists, motor vehicle crashes, to water rescues. Most of their call volume is motor vehicle crashes and agricultural incidents. They also respond to brush fires and fire police incidents. Goshen Volunteer Fire Company covers a great portion of the Delaware Bay. Auto Extrication is about 75% of the company’s calls. They received a 58 piece set of auto extrication stabilization equipment in cooperation with Turtle Plastics.

Over $3,000 worth of equipment

Jefferson Township, Ohio - Jefferson Township Fire Department

The Jefferson Township Fire Department is a municipally owned fire department located in Montgomery County, Ohio. They serve a population of 6,700 full time residents in an area of 25.7 square miles. They also have two highways in our jurisdiction with traffic flow of approximately 30,000 vehicles per day. They operate three engines, one rescue engine, and two ambulances out of four firehouses. They run approximately 1500 calls for service per year with approximately 80% of that volume being EMS. They also have one of the first community paramedicine programs in Ohio. They received CPR manikins to help train their firefighters and community.

Over $500 worth of equipment

Primrose, Texas - Primrose Volunteer Fire Department

Primrose Fire Department covers the northern end of Atascosa County and is a 100% volunteer Fire Department. Primrose is staffed by volunteers and serves their community. Primrose Received a 1500 Gallon Dump Tank.

Over $500 worth of equipment

Bolar, Virginia - Bolar Volunteer Fire Department

A small group of volunteers dedicated to protecting our community, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 4 weeks a month, 12 months a year. Bolar received a light bar and control box for their former military surplus converted brush truck.