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Thin Line Fitness was started in 2017 by Ian Palmer. It started as a vision, though, many years ago. Ian was tired of seeing the rapid increase of cardiac and medical related LODD’s across the field of first responders, as well as the increasing number of out of shape personnel. He made the dream come alive after he received his certification as a personal trainer and a solid nudge in the right direction by his group of close friends and fiancé.


The Thin Line Fitness Mission– Our mission is simple; to reduce the number of health related issues and LODD’s for Firefighters, Police, Military and EMS, and to make the overall health for all the responders better, so we can better serve our country and community. If we can even assist in shrinking the number of one preventable LODD of a brother or sister, and change the unhealthy habits of one responder, we have been successful with our goal. But with us being the determined bunch we are, we want to ELIMINATE the problem. Hefty goal we know, and we can’t do it without your help, and YOU taking the step in the right direction. Join the crew today!

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