Below you will find the people that have stepped up and decided to make a difference for struggling small and rural fire departments, by becoming monthly members of our donor club.

You too can join today to make a difference!

Friend Donor Club

Supporter Donor Club

Bronze Donor Club

Silver Donor Club

  • MD - New York

Gold Donor Club

Platinum Donor Club

If you are not already a member, please consider becoming one. Donor club members are vital to the success of our mission to help small and rural fire departments. For as little as $0.33 a day you can place life saving tools and equipment in the hands of firefighters.

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Brothers Helping Brothers
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Brothers Helping Brothers is a registered non-profit organization Copyright 2014-2018

Brothers Helping Brothers does not solicit donations by phone or employ outside companies to do so.

You can make a donation by mail, by phone or through our website.

In Memory of Art Springer 1/21/1969 - 1/23/2014 Gone but not forgotten

Art Springer

1/21/1969 - 1/23/2014

Justin Shafer

3/18/1988 - 10/2/2016

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