Below you will find the people that have stepped up and decided to make a difference for struggling small and rural fire departments, by becoming monthly members of our donor club.

You too can join today to make a difference!

Friend Donor Club

Supporter Donor Club

  • MN - Virginia
  • JC - Ohio

Bronze Donor Club

  • JC - Ohio

Silver Donor Club

  • MD - New York

Gold Donor Club

Platinum Donor Club

If you are not already a member, please consider becoming one. Donor club members are vital to the success of our mission to help small and rural fire departments. For as little as $0.33 a day you can place life saving tools and equipment in the hands of firefighters.

About the Author: Nick Magoteaux is the Co-Executive Director and President of Brothers Helping Brothers. Nick has over 15 years of experience in public safety and is a student of the fire service. Nick has studied leadership extensively over the last few years and is always trying to find something new to introduce to his local fire service brothers.

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