How career stress can be overcome by Goals & Vision

Pictured above: Brian Benedict with Connersville, Indiana Police Department Officer Dax Gunder

If it was’t for Police and Fire Insurance I’m not sure I would’ve ever met Dax and his family. Although I did see him at a few of my music gigs but that’s another story. I can remember getting to know him and the other officers as I filled out claims and visited second and third shifts. With a little more time under his belt Dax is now protecting the citizens of Connersville on first shift.

With a limited amount of officers, Connersville Police is facing similar scenarios as many others throughout the united states. A lack of morals, conscience and respect is making it more and more difficult and dangerous for these guys to keep us safe. But like many officers around the country Dax has a vision.

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He’s currently getting his MBA and is focused on the future. With all the challenges they’re faced with it’s important to remember that the greatest asset is you. It’s your mind. Staying focused. Creating a future goal and going for it.

Hope is a powerful tool to forward progress and attitude. If you feel stuck, if you feel down and depressed with your current situation you can change it by establishing a goal.

After establishing your goal don’t forget to write it down. If its only in your mind you’re more likely to stop doing what it takes to get there.

Thanks to Dax and all of the other officers within the Connersville Police Department. I’ve made great friends and lasting relationships. Be safe brothers. Call me if you need me.

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My journey began as a private in the united states army. I’ve been stationed at Ft Bragg, Ft Gordon, Ft Jackson and after reenlisting I did a tour of duty in Karlsruhe Germany. I left the service with experience and a passion for helping others. Today I’m a retired firefighter that helps police officers, firefighters and family with the Police and Firemen’s Insurance Association.

Midwest Manager, Police and Firemen’s Insurance Association

Retired Firefighter

US Army Veteran, Sgt.

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