How much does fire gear cost?

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Cost of Gear

Prices for this gear comes from the National Volunteer Fire Council's 2020 Fact Sheet.

Cost of Gear
Helmet Fire Coat Fire Pants Gloves Boots Hood Self Contained Breathing Apparatus


The average cost of a firefighter's helmet is $300

Fire Coat

The average price for one fire coat is $1,200.

Fire Pants

The average cost for fire pants are $875.


The average cost for gloves are $97.


The average price of boots are $300.


Average cost for a hood is $40.

Self Contained Breathing Apparatus

The average cost of a Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) is $6,300.

The cost to train and equip a firefighter can exceed $20,000.
Below are average expenses associated with firefighting. Please note product costs vary depending on a variety of factors, and these are just estimates. Certain pieces of equipment, such as radio and thermal imager, may not be provided to every firefighter. Training costs vary considerably from state to state and jurisdiction to jurisdiction, depending on what level and types of training are required.